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Virginia Slim Coupons

Virginia Slims is apart of the Philip Morris’ family of cigarettes and has always been one of the better selling cigarettes. Because the brand has been consistent for such an extended period of time, it has been difficult to track down coupons for Virginia Slims.

Up until recently there was a minisite that Philip Morris hosted called, however in the recent times it has been taken down and they no longer give you the option of contacting them there to get coupons.

The only way that they allow you to contact them currently is by using their contact number 1-866-487-5467, which basically just has some options about smoking related information. We tried to go through the process of getting in their database for coupons and it was a long process and we eventually had to hang up.

We have been looking for a long time for coupon codes and have found that over time we were able to negotiate a discount code for our users in the forum. However we also use it for people that are outside the forum.

When you go to purchase your Virginia Slims cigarettes, please use our coupon code : esmokescom. They will know that you are a member of our forum and are quality customers. Let us know if you have any problems with it.

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews

mary duffie

used to smoke virgin slims and got coupons for ups off pack and they stopped. price too high went to marlboro for better price and coupons.

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews

nexhmije ramadani

i use just virginia slims 120 is my fever

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews

Ashly Patrick

Virgina Slims is the brand I smoke when my fav brand it not avalible. I really like them.

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews


i wood like virginia slim coupons

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews


I am stuck on Virginia Slim Menthol 120’s and looking for some coupons,,,, got any???
When I cant afford them I go to Misty Menthol 120’s, or Marlboro Menthol 100’s So coupons for any of the above would be fantasticO.  =))

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews

Mary Pruitt

Would like coupons for Virginia Slim purse packs

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews

Dollie Williamson

I would like Virginia Slims Coupons

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews

Pam Lane

Would LOVE coupons for cartons of Virginia Slims and the occasional packs !!  Thanks so much, in advance !!

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews

Chris Martin

do yu have them in mental

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews

pam Zirkle

Please send me coupons

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews

Lori Beth

I am not going smoke my purse pack any longer.  They have no coupons and are getting too expensive even though i love them.

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews

randi Potter

Can you send some coupons or any thingn.I don’t want to switch cigarettes but :::

Virginia Slim Coupons Reviews

Pamela Gary

I love the Virginia Slims Superslims Menthol
Purse Pack with the Blue Strip.  I would like to be able to receive coupons for these packs and for the cartons.  Can you please send me some coupons?  Thank you

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Virginia Slim Coupons