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Discount Cigs

Discount Cigs

Overall (from 6 reviews):

"Thanks for great prices ...a fast and efficient service and I will most certainly be buying from you again in the future."

- Mike from NJ

Discount Cigs is one of the leaders is getting your favorite cigarette brands to your door, anywhere in the United States. They offer a big discount on their cartons and will ship your smokes for free, no matter the order size. This is a great perk that comes with buying online through Discount Cigs.

They have nearly every major brand from Lucky Strike to Marlboro to Parliament.

For viewers they offer a 3-5% discount, depending on your order size. All you need to do is enter “esmokescom” in the coupon code section when you check out. Orders are very secure and they have a special members area where you can check the status of your order.

Far and away my favorite place to pick up online cigarettes. I know they are going to show up at my front door, duty free and when I am running low, placing another order is just a few clicks away.

Hear what a few of their customers had to say about Discount Cigs:

“Thanks for great prices and service. My Camels arrived today, a little later than expected but I’d forgotten about the holiday weekend. Nevertheless, still a fast and efficient service and I will most certainly be buying from you again in the future. I’m happy to add my name to your list of satisfied customers.”

Mike from NJ

“I buy lots of things online but it never occured to me that I could buy my smokes too! I usually stop by the Duty-Free stores when I travel abroad but this makes it so much easier! I don’t have to wait until I go on vacation to stock up on my cigs. Thanks so much for your service.”

Dan, Boston, MA

Discount Cigs Reviews


Got a 10 carton order. Was delivered in multiple pieces, but got here. Prices are better than buying locally.

Discount Cigs Reviews


Pretty easy to place my order with them. Also like that I can track my order online. Smokes were good quality.

Discount Cigs Reviews


Reminds me of buying from the Indian Reservations back in the day. Got my order pretty quick considering the circumstances. Would recommend Discount-Cigs.

Discount Cigs Reviews


I placed an order of 10 cartons of Karelia Blue on October 01 , now is already November 10 and no sign of my cigarettes. This is the first time is happening this to me but I have all the reasons to be scared because they give you time to wait for delivery up to 25 days and now I have already 41!!!!????

Discount Cigs Reviews


usless web site.  not interested in phoney reviews.

Discount Cigs Reviews

david p. grossman

i have been tring to get the free trial ofignite starter kit but cant get to web site thanks alot

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