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blu Electronic Cigarettes

blu Electronic Cigarettes

blu Electronic Cigarettes

Overall (from 4 reviews):

"...the smartest thing I’ve ever done was to buy blu to continue my love for smoking! I don’t even miss regular cigarettes at all!"

- Joe L. from Omaha, NE

blu Elecronic Cigarettes has one of the coolest features we have seen to date - the ability to charge your cigarettes through the blu Cigarette Package. Look at the graphic below:

blu Cigarettes Charging Pack

blu Cigarettes Battery Charger

As you can see this is a great feature as many electronic cigarette smokers do so while not at home. This is a major convenience for all eCig smokers. Look at what some of blu's electronic cigarette customers are saying:
"I am a recent convert to blu and I absolutely love it. I have been a pack to two pack a day smoker for 10 years and this is a great new alternative. It is truly a small miracle for me. The customer service you guys offer is awesome. You answered/handled my concerns the first time I called. Great product + great customer service = one awesome experience! Thanks So Much!"
Greg M. - Los Angeles, CA
"Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product. I have to say this thing is probably the coolest thing I've ever owned. It even beats out my iPhone which is tough to do!...I know people are out there that are very skeptical when trying such new technologies - maybe less so for me since I'm a little younger [but] the product works exactly as described! One last thing: the worst thing I ever did in my life was start using tobacco products; the smartest thing I've ever done was to buy blu to continue my love for smoking! I don't even miss regular cigarettes at all!"
Joe L. - Omaha, NE

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blu Electronic Cigarettes Reviews

Bill R.

Order process was simple. Let’s see if the pack can really charge and hold a charge.

blu Electronic Cigarettes Reviews


I recently bought the blu cig starter kit and I absolutely love it!!  I have not had a traditonal cigarette since I got them - its been about a month now.  The only drawback is the batteries dont last that long so it is nice to have the pack as a charger.  I have ordered some more cartridges with 0 nicotine and see if those work for me also.  I am excited about this product as I have wanted to stop smoking for a long time.  This still feels like I am smoking without all the drawbacks of traditional cigs.  All in all I would recommend them - buy an extra battery though !!

blu Electronic Cigarettes Reviews

Larua McDaniel

I love the way there is so much vapor from the blu but the taste is definitely not similar to the menthol from my cigarettes so I don’t believe I’ll order again.

blu Electronic Cigarettes Reviews


top quality People are bound to find this really important. You make a very good point in your conclusion.. this excellent

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blu Electronic Cigarettes