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South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke

Overall (from 5 reviews):

"It’s extremely liberating to know I can smoke wherever I want and whenever I want… and without bothering anyone."

- Tony M from San Diego, CA

South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke's smokeless cigarettes are a high-tech, non-flammable solution for obtaining nicotine without exposure to tobacco. Smokers enjoy doses of a vaporized liquid nicotine solution and exhale a water vapor that resembles a puff of smoke, which provides a physical sensation and flavor akin to inhaled tobacco smoke.

South Beach Smoke contains ZERO tobacco, ZERO smoke and ZERO combustion. It is a preferred, battery-powered alternative to traditional cigarettes. With South Beach Smoke, you're given two options: The PREMIUM Electronic Cigarette and the DELUXE Electronic Cigarette. Both are excellent choices for traditional tobacco cigarette smokers who are looking for something new, healthy and flavorful.

Please watch a video of the South Beach Smoke in action below:

Hear what some South Beach Smokers had to say about the product:

Smokers are discriminated against all the time.  We can't smoke anywhere.  With South Beach Smoke, I can now legally smoke in restaurants, bars, theaters and even on airplanes.  It's extremely liberating to know I can smoke wherever I want and whenever I want... and without bothering anyone.
Tony M, San Diego, CA
I was smoking a pack a day and spending about $200 a month on cigarettes. Now I have cut that cost down over 50%... plus I get all the extra benefits of an electronic cigarette. Thanks South Beach Smoke!
Hazel H, Riverside, CA The South Beach Smoke Membership:

This is something that I thought really help the brand and helps you identify with the brand. As traditional cigarette smokers, we are loyal to our favorite brands and snicker when we bum a smoke off someone smoking anything other than our brand. Try getting a menthol smoker to try a Marlboro Red for example.

With South Beach Smoke they are attempting (and doing a pretty good job) of getting that brand loyalty into electronic cigarettes. With the branding of the packaging (see above image) and then their shiny membership card, it gives you a good feeling to tell your friends you are smoking the South Beach eCig.

See the image below to see what it looks like to join the club:

south beach smoke member

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South Beach Smoke Reviews


South Beach has an auto refill program so you’re not out of cartridges. They even have live customer service and good flavors…i recommend South Beach to others wanting to try e-cigs!

South Beach Smoke Reviews


Got the start pack. Impressed with quality and the presentation. I like that it feels like i smoking a real cigarette.

South Beach Smoke Reviews


Just cause it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not super helupfl.

South Beach Smoke Reviews

Darren Chambers

I was new to the whole concept of smoking e-cigs. My friend recommended that I try them, because regular cigarettes are so unhealthy and expensive. At their suggestion, I got a Premium (basic) starter kit, and I haven’t looked back! It was only $29.99, and really came with everything that I needed to start right away. With six cartridges, I had enough nicotine to last quite a while. I decided to join the Home Delivery Program because it allows me to save even more, and it schedules cartridge delivery so that I never run out. It is completely a win-win situation, and much better in every way than smoking old-fashioned cigarettes.

South Beach Smoke Reviews

Nick Fifer

Having all the accessories that South Beach Smoke offers is great for making your e-cig experience work for you. For me, they make using e-cigarettes much nicer than tobacco. I can attest, being smoke-free is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I use my USB charger all the time from my laptop, no matter where I am. I keep it in my computer bag, and can charge my batteries at work with it. I keep the wall charger at home, and as you can expect- the car charger stays in the car. I never worry about running out of refills, or not being able to charge my batteries.

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South Beach Smoke